Apostle James Ng’ang’a Bio, Age, Career, Wife, Controversy and Net Worth.

Apostle James Ng’ang’a is the founder member of the Neno Evangelism Ministry. He founded it in 1992 while still in Mombasa before moving to Nairobi years later. However, many have termed him as a fake pastor due to unbelievable happenings in the church like for instance; him ‘abusing’ members in the name of healing the church and rebuking members from their looks.

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This article looks closely into the biography of pastor Nganga, highlighting his age, Career, Education, and net worth.

Age and Birthplace

Apostle James Ng'ang'a

James Ng’ang’a was born in1954 in an unknown place in Mombasa. The 67- year old man gave his life to Christ after being detained in Shimo La Tewa prison for a period of time in his early teen life. After being released he started his ministry as a street preacher in the 1990s.

Apostle James Ng’ang’a Ministry

He started his ministry as a street preacher in 1990 just after exiting jail. He later started his own ministry, Neno Evangelism Ministry in 1992 in Mombasa and preached from there before moving to Nairobi. In 2005, he built his first church in Nairobi and since then his audience has grown tremendously as he has a massive following all over the country.

A normal Sunday for him starts with many followers flowing to his church in the morning. He is seen on TV praying for his people and ‘casting’ out demons where he slaps members in the name of ousting demons. Thereafter, his members give out testimonies narrating how they feel much better after the prayers. He is the only one allowed to wear shoes while other members take off their shoes.

Neno evangelism has amassed a huge number of followers with the church branches in every region of the country. Pastor Ng’ang’a who leads the church was recently quoted abusing his bishops for disrespecting his wife.

Scandals and Controversies.

“The chief commander” has been making headlines in the media for all the wrong reasons like:

Corona Virus

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, when the disease had spread widely in the country, he came out and said that he can cure the disease if only the government would allow him. He said he would enclose himself with the patients in a house, take a guitar and sing it to them.

Sasa TV shut down.

In 2021, Sasa TV, a TV station owned by apostle James Ng’ang’a and Neno Evangelism was ordered to shut down its operations. This was as a result of airing inappropriate content during the watershed period. Communications Authority of Kenya CEO Ezra Chiloba ordered the immediate closure of the TV station for six months.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a Wealth

Apart from owning a church, Apostle James Ng’ang’a has a lavish lifestyle, driving high-end expensive cars and dwelling in expensive mansions. Here are some of the things he owns;